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Farhan: the Lead, the Champ

Updated: May 3, 2023

Part 1: From Home Roasting to Founding Partner

Growing up in Cirebon, Indonesia, he discovered his passion for coffee when he bought his first home roasting machine in high school. Since then, he has dedicated himself to learning the art of coffee tasting, roasting, and brewing. Five years later, he became a founding partner of Meramanis. Today, he splits he frequently travels between Germany and Indonesia, seeking and - together with the farmers - creating the best Indonesian coffee beans.

Part 2: Brewing Legend

Despite his background as a roaster, his brewing skills are nothing short of legendary. He has a unique ability to push every coffee bean to its limits, resulting in a truly exceptional cup of coffee. It's no surprise that he placed fourth in his first coffee championship, the 2022 German Brewers Cup. In addition, he is Germany's only Q-Robusta Grader, a testament to his expertise in the field.

Part 3: A Shot at the Title

Placing fourth in the previous year's competition only fueled his desire to win. This time around, he dedicated even more time and resources to his preparation, seeking out the guidance of seasoned mentors and took a role of judge in local competitions like the 5th Bandung Brewers Cup and MasJagoCompetition in Indonesia. With his passion and determination driving him forward, he set his sights on a first-place finish at the 2023 German Brewers Cup.

Part 4: Those People that Mattered

Behind every successful person are those who supported and guided them along the way. For him, these people include his mentors John Christopher, Reza Agassi, and Handaru Tesla, who provided guidance and encouragement throughout this journey. Outside of Meramanis, he also formed partnerships with a team of roasters from Uberall Roastery in Indonesia and Rozali Coffee in Germany.

Part 5: 3rd Place, 2023 German Brewers Cup

After five months of preparation, the day of the competition arrived. In the compulsary round, the participants were provided with an unmarked bag of coffee and had 35 minutes to test and taste using various brewing methods before preparing three final brews for the judges. He excelled in this round and advanced to the finals, the open service, where competitors brought their own beans and brewed in front of the three sensory judges. While he gave it his all, he ultimately placed third, missing the top spot by less than one point. Nonetheless, he was proud of his performance and looked forward to continuing to push his skills to new heights.

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