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Finca Don Obar

Finca Don Obar, a coffee farm nestled on the slopes of Mount Papandayan within the Nangklak block, stands at an impressive altitude of 1630 metres above sea level. Under Obar’s leadership, the farm is dedicated to excellence during the harvest season. Each coffee cherry is handpicked with utmost care to ensure the tree remains unscathed, and only the ripest red cherries are selected.

Previously, due to the lack of education among local coffee farmers on processing techniques, Obar’s parents used to sell their coffee cherries to middlemen. However, since taking charge in 2017, Obar has revolutionised the processing method, focusing on and perfecting natural and honey processes. Their meticulous care ensures the cultivation of only the highest quality coffee cherries and further elevates the farm’s commitment to producing exceptional coffee.

Meramanis is proud to present the “Mang-O-bar” coffee. Named in honour of Obar’s exceptional work in coffee farming and processing. This natural anaerobic processed coffee boasts a highly distinctive strawberry tasting note, making it one of our most outstanding coffees to date.

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