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Origin: Kamojang, West Java

Producer: Wanoja Coffee


Species: Arabica

Variety: Sigararutang

Process: Natural Anaerobic


The Coffee


This coffee is processed using Wanoja's signature Natural Anaerobic method, locally named "Avisani". The result is a coffee that offers elegant acidity, a juicy texture, a smooth aftertaste, and a delightful experience even when served cold. It features dominant notes of pineapple, passion fruit, lavender, plum, and sometimes... peach!


The Producer


The Wanoja Coffee Farmers Group was established by Hj. Eti Sumiati in June 2012. "Wanoja," a Sundanese word meaning "woman," reflects the group's origins as a collective of female coffee farmers. Since its inception, the group has grown to include 55 members, comprising both men and women. Wanoja has significantly increased its production capacity and continues to expand. Currently, the mill is managed by Hj. Eti Sumiati's son, Satrea.


In 2022, Satrea achieved 2nd place in the 2021 Cup of Excellence Indonesia, an annual competition that identifies the highest quality coffee produced in the country. This achievement highlights the group's commitment to producing exceptional coffee and gaining recognition.


Wanoja aims to make a positive impact in several ways. Environmentally, they focus on reforestation to rehabilitate damaged trees and reduce flood risks by controlling soil erosion. Socially, they strive to improve the livelihoods of local farmers by helping them grow high-quality coffee cherries for better income.


The Terroir


The coffee farm is located in Kamojang, Bandung, West Java, a former volcanic area situated 1500-1700 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 18°C. Also, due to the area's constant mist, it is affectionately known as "the misty mountain." The coffee plants thrive under the shade of pine trees.


Brewing Recipe - Pour Over (V60, Kalita, etc.)


Coffee: 18 grams

Water: 270 ml

Water Temperature: 93-95 °C

Grind Size: Medium


Total Intervals: 3

1st pour: 50ml, wait for 30 seconds

2nd pour: 100ml, wait for 1 minute

3rd pour: 120ml, wait for 1 minute

Cafe de Wanoja - Filter

13,80 €Price
10 Grams
Out of Stock
  • Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Lavender, Dried Plum

  • Filter roast. Suitable for pour-over (V60, Kalita, etc.), filter coffee machine, and french press.

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