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### This coffee bean was used by 1st Champion of 2024 Turkish barista championship, Serkan Sagzos ###


Producer: Reza Nurullah

Origin: Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia


Altitude: 700-850 MASL

Species: Liberica / Excelsa

Process: Natural Lactic


The Coffee


Wanna try something different, apart from your everyday arabica coffee? Why not try liberica?


This is the first time we release our heritage series, and this 1st release is dedicated to Mas Reza. There will be two experimantal process to the liberica excelsa that processed by him. This is the first part of the release!


Liberica is considered unique and a rarity in Europe's specialty scene. The Coffee process is called "natural lactic",  as it uses lactic yeast to promote the growth of lactobacillus cultures, the same bacteria used in dairy production responsible for the creation of lactic acids.


With combination of this yeast and by controlling the fermentation environment, he is able to maximize the tasting profile, unlocking the full potential of this unique coffee.


As a result, this coffee offers a delightful lactic sensation blended with a high level of sweetness.

The taste profiles provides an umami sensation due to liberica's natural characteristic, attached with sweetness of stevia and jasmine.


Liberica is also considered as a low caffeine coffee, it has lower caffeine level compared to Arabica and Robusta.


The Processor/Farmer


Our liberica was processed by mas Reza Nurullah from a picturesque Jlegong Village, Temanggung, Central Java. He is an artist that master his craft in experimenting coffee processing techniques and combining several yeasts. He started his coffee journey as a robusta farmer in Temanggung, Central Java. This experience enables him to deeply understand coffee cherry characteristic.


With a deep-rooted connection to the terroir, he takes pride in owning a splendid lot where he meticulously cultivates coffee plants and produces coffee cheries, specializing in the production of robusta beans. Later on, he expanded into processing arabica and liberica as well. 


His nanolots are processed in his home together with his wife and several helpers. His attention to detail and unwavering passion sets his coffee taste profile apart from others. Recently, Serkan Sagsoz won 1st place turkish barista championship by using Reza's liberica natural lactic beans, showcasing remarkable synergy between barista and processor.


The interesting fact when we visited Mas Reza at his residence early 2024 was, not only his coffee taste amazing, but also actually the best thing that we tasted was not the Coffee, but the Ayam ketjap (chicken cooked with sweet soy sauce) made by his wife. It was a perfect blend of sweet, smoky and savory taste ;)


About Liberica


Liberica has its own characteristic that makes it unique compares to arabica coffee. Some might find a classic natural liberica taste like medicine and rubbery. Let's switch our mind a little bit and embrace it as something new and original, then it will open a complete unique taste spectrum, like Umami...


Liberica excelsa is very robust coffee tree as it is able to live in the low altitude. This species is also resistent to pest.  The trees is bigger than robusta/arabica and some are very old. The disadvantage of excelsa is its phenolic and rubbery characteristic. This might due to their thick mucilage thus requires longer drying that may leads to overfermentation. This problem seems can be tackled with the wake of many experimental process.



The Terroir


Temanggung Coffee plantation in Central Java has a rich history in the coffee world. Introduced in 17th Century by the dutch east indies colonial government, Java coffee rapidly gained popularity. So much so that Europeans even replaced the generic term "coffee" with "Java" for the highest quality brews.


Fast-forward several centuries later, and despite facing challenges such as forced cultivation and devastating leaf rust outbreaks, Temanggung's coffee farming system remains sustainable as the backbone of central Java's coffee heritage. Its terroir shaped by historical influence, altitude variations and unique climate, has left an indelible mark on Indonesia's vibrant coffee culture.



JB Liberica Excelsa: Natural Lactic - Filter

15,80 €Price
1 Kilogram
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  • Filter roast. Suitable for hand brew, aeropress, filter machine

  • Stevia-like sweetness, jasmine, umami

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