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Origin: Pegasing, Takengon, Aceh

Producer: Chris_coffeeprocessor


The Coffee


An endothermic cold water process for a coffee? Curious?


This innovative process is using cold water as a medium to ferment coffee cherry in anaerobic environment. During fermentation, heat is generated by the coffee cherries, which is then absorbed by the water. This is why it is called "endothermic process" as the water absorbs the energy. The water is treated to keep the temperature around 14 to 16 degree celcius. This controlled anaerobic fermentation process took 3 days and then the cherry will be sun-dried until it reaches desired humidity level.


By controlling the temperature, the fermentation process is slowed down, preserving the coffee's natural flavors. This technique maximizes the cherry's potential, creating a unique natural flavor. It’s considered natural because it does not involve any artificial additives or chemicals. This complex process requires special care and expertise from both the processor and the farmers.Also, special cares has already been undertook from the cultivation process, the cherry picked from coffee trees that was fertilized using ecoenzym to elevate the sweetness level!


This coffee boasts tasting notes of red cherry, banana, and sensation of white guava on the after taste. 


The Producer


Christian is a seasoned Q-Grader and a coffee processor. He is actively participated as national judge cup of excellence (COE) Indonesia. He works with several farmers across the indonesian archipelago. He is thriving to research on coffee processing techniques in order to produce the best quality coffee. From his hand together with BIKOIN and Pegasing coffee farmers in North Takengon aceh, one of their lot won 2nd place in the CoE 2022/2023 competition.


This coffee is cultivated in quite difficult road conditions to reach the area. BIKOIN is eager to support coffee farmers there. For better and competitive results, they created an ecogreen village such coffee husks that can be used for fertilizer to achieve zero waste.


The terroir


Sumatra is the world's 6th largest island, home to over 50 million people. The main coffee-growing regions are Aceh in the north, the Lake Toba area in the south, and the region around Mangkuraja.


Coffees from areas like Takengon, Bener Mariah, Lintong, Sidikalang, Dolok Sanggul, and Seribu Dolok can be traced back to specific localities within these regions.


Sumatra is well-known for its 'Giling Basah' or 'wet-hulled' coffee processing method, which speeds up drying in the island's high-rainfall environment. This method involves pulping the cherries immediately, fermenting them overnight, and rinsing them the next day.


North Takengon, located in Aceh's highlands, is famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The region features scenic landscapes with terraced rice fields, rivers, and lush forests. It offers a glimpse into authentic Acehnese culture and warm hospitality amidst Sumatra's highlands.


Brewing Recipe - V60


Dose: 18 grams

Yield: 280 ml

Brewing time: 2:30 minutes

water temperature: 92  degree

Brewing intervals: 3 to 4.


Manis Endothermic - Filter

13,80 €Price
10 Grams
  • Honeydew, green apple, guava, fruit candy sensation

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