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visiting coffee farm in West Java, Indonesia

experience the connection
in every cup of coffee

Introducing, Meramanis

For centuries, Indonesia has been producing some of the world's best coffee beans. However, due to the country's location and the remote nature of many of its coffee farms, these beans have remained largely unknown in Europe. That's where Meramanis comes in. Our mission is to connect customers with Indonesia's finest coffee farmers by not only buying their beans but also collaborating with them to improve the quality of their crops.

Lucy in the Sky, our best coffee from Ciwidey, Indonesia.

Start of The Journey

Building and nurturing close relationship with our coffee producers is at the heart of our mission. They are the main character of the show, and we refer them as "maestros" for a reason. Unpredictable rainfall and challenging terrain - including steep slopes and dense forests - making it difficult to plant, maintain, and process the beans. Despite all these challenges, our maestros still produce exceptional-quality coffee.

One of our closest partner, Supriyanto. He specializes in coffee cultivation and processing.

Freshly Roasted in Cologne

We believe that the roasting process is essential to creating the distinctive flavor profiles that make each cup of coffee unique. That's why we take great care in roasting our beans to perfection. For our filter coffee beans, we use a light roasting technique to preserve the beans' natural aromas and characteristics, adding complexity and depth to the flavor.

For our espresso beans, we take a slightly different approachby taking them to a light-medium level, creating a balance between sweetness, acidity and body. This makes them easier to extract while still maintaining the complex characteristic of our light-roasted beans.

Roasting coffee in Probat P12.

Feel The Full Experience

Listen to the story of each coffee while being brewed by the coffee roasters and championship-winning coffee brewers at our coffee shop, located in Hansaring, Cologne.

Meramanis coffee shop, speciality coffee shop in Hansaring, Cologne.

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