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Score: 90.59 - Presidential Winner

Region : Pantan Musara, Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia

Altitude: 1600 MASL

Varietal: P88 70%, Ateng 30%

Process: Natural

Profile: Plum, Cherry, Cola, Coconut Sugar, Molasses
Harvest Year: November 2022


Bahagia Ginting is a 42-year-old individual from Berastagi, North Sumatra. In 2012, due to the prolonged eruption of Mount Sinabung, he moved to Takengon, Central Aceh.


He purchased a plot of land in a hamlet and decided to turn it into a coffee plantation, as he found coffee cultivating very enjoyable. By taking good care of the coffee plants, he managed to increase his income significantly.


In 2014, Ginting planted his first coffee tree, using the super ateng variety and P88. Over time, his coffee garden expanded to 3 hectares, and he worked alongside his wife to manage it. They have three sons and daughters together.


Recently, he participated in the COE (Cup of Excellence) Indonesia event in 2022/2023. He harvested the coffee using the natural process, where only ripe fresh red coffee cherries were harvested. The coffee cherries were then dried in the the Cooperative greenhouse, Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative, of which Bahagia is a member of. 


The Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative was established as a result of the dedication and commitment of the coffee farming community in the Gayo highland area, particularly in Pantan Musara Village, Pegasing District, Central Aceh Regency, and its surrounding regions.


Driven by the vision of progress and a desire to improve their organizational capabilities and economic prosperity, the cooperative was brought to life. The inception of this cooperative can be traced back to the innovative ideas and insights of the people of Pantan Musara Village, spearheaded by Asman Arianto. As an entrepreneur in the specialty coffee business and a small-scale coffee bean processor, Asman promoted the popularity of Specialty Coffee Processing in the region, inspiring the establishment of the cooperative.


Today, the Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative proudly stands with 692 male farmers and 208 female farmers, united in their passion for coffee farming and determined to create a more prosperous future for themselves and their community. By joining forces and fostering cooperation, the cooperative aims to advance their practices and collectively contribute to the development and growth of the coffee industry in the area. Their shared commitment to producing exceptional coffee and embracing sustainable practices sets them on a path towards success and recognition in the world of specialty coffee.


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Bahagia Ginting - Indonesia CoE #1

35,00 €Price
10 Grams
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