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The Coffee

What describes Sumatran coffee characteristic? It is full-bodied, strong, with low acidity. And that exactly this coffee. It features rich chocolate and roasted almond notes, complemented by hints of spices.


Giling basah, also known as wet-hulling, is a traditional coffee processing method that is believed to have originated in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatra. It involves removing the outer layers of the coffee cherry fruit using a pulping machine, then fermenting the coffee beans for a short period of time before removing the parchment layer while they are still wet. This process imparts a distinctive, rustic flavor, often with a syrupy mouthfeel and deep, complex aromas. Perfect for bold, intense brews.


The Producer

The Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative, established by Asman Arianto in Pantan Musara Village, unites 900 farmers to improve organizational capabilities and economic prosperity. With 692 male and 208 female members, they aim to advance coffee farming practices and contribute to the specialty coffee industry's growth and sustainability in Central Aceh.


The Terroir


The story of Gayo coffee began from 19th century when Arabica coffee plants were introduced to the Gayo Highlands by the dutch. The local Gayo people, with their deep connection to the land, adopted these plants and developed a tradition of coffee cultivation on small family farms, where each tree is meticulously cared for.


The high altitude of 1,200 to 1,700 meters and mineral-rich volcanic soil contribute to the coffee’s distinctive flavor, allowing the cherries to mature slowly and develop a complex profile. During the harvest season, families handpick the best cherries, which are then traditionally processed to enhance their unique flavors.


As the beans dry under the tropical sun, they develop rich, nuanced flavors, including notes of dark chocolate, caramel, tropical fruits, and spices. Each cup of Gayo coffee reflects its journey from the highlands to your cup.


Gayo coffee is not just about the beans but also about the dedicated people who cultivate them. The Gayo community’s pride and cooperative efforts have made their coffee globally renowned. Their sustainable farming practices ensure the highlands continue to produce exceptional coffee for generations.


Brewing Recipe - Espresso Machine


Dose: 17 grams

Yield: 34 grams

Brewing time: 18-22 seconds

CoCo Macan - Espresso

10,80 €Price
10 Grams
  • chocolate, roasted almond , spices

  • Espresso roast. Suitable for Bialetti, Vollautomat, and of course Espresso machine.

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