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Giling basah, also known as wet-hulling, is a traditional coffee processing method that is believed to have originated in Indonesia, particularly in Sumatra. It involves removing the outer layers of the coffee cherry fruit using a pulping machine, then fermenting the coffee beans for a short period of time before removing the parchment layer while they are still wet.


Lisa & Leo’s Organic Farm is located in Simalungun regency. Cherries are hand sorted three times and they process the coffee meticulously to achieve high level of quality. The farm is also valuing personal and environmental integrity. Thus, creating sustainable coffee ecosystem in the area.


Meramanis proudly present “CoCo Siregar”, the name that describes its taste notes and personality of the coffee origin. The coffee has bold and strong character, with almond, milk chocolate, and orange taste notes. Also, it embraces traditional processing method “Giling Basah” that makes this coffee unique and "asli" Indonesia.

Coco Siregar - Espresso

10,80 €Price
10 Grams
  • Orange, Milk Chocolate, Spices, Almond

  • Espresso roast. Suitable for Bialetti, Vollautomat, and of course Espresso machine.

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