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Origin: Bener Meriah, Aceh, Sumatra

Producer: Central Sumatra Coffee


Species: Arabica

Variety: Abyssinia, Bourbon, Ateng

Process: Natural Classic


The Coffee


Imagine.... drinking cappuccino but taste like strawberry milk. That is exactly the feeling when you drink this coffee. The strawberry notes is very vibrant, followed by other fruits such as blackcurrant and lychee.


The Producer


Central Sumatra Coffee is a family-owned coffee producer in Sumatra, Indonesia. They operate a single farm estate in three different regions across Sumatra.


Enzo Sauqi leads Central Sumatra Coffee Farm with a dedication to producing top-quality coffee cherries and beans. He and his team invest significant time and effort into meticulous post-harvest processing to ensure the best quality coffee.


Central Sumatra Coffee focuses on quality, expanding from traditional wet-hulled processes to more advanced methods through continuous learning and experimentation.

Enzo and his team manage every step of the process, from plant cultivation to final processing, with careful attention to cherry selection and cultivation.


They believe Indonesia is becoming a key player in the specialty coffee market, showcasing the country’s rich diversity and history. Central Sumatra Coffee Farm exemplifies how Indonesian coffee growers can achieve sustainability through quality, continuous improvement, and traceability.


The Terroir


Sumatra is the world's 6th largest island, home to over 50 million people. The main coffee-growing regions are Aceh in the north, the Lake Toba area in the south, and the region around Mangkuraja.


Coffees from areas like Takengon, Bener Mariah, Lintong, Sidikalang, Dolok Sanggul, and Seribu Dolok can be traced back to specific localities within these regions.


Sumatra is well-known for its 'Giling Basah' or 'wet-hulled' coffee processing method, which speeds up drying in the island's high-rainfall environment. This method involves pulping the cherries immediately, fermenting them overnight, and rinsing them the next day.


Bener Meriah, located in Aceh's highlands, is famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The region features scenic landscapes with terraced rice fields, rivers, and lush forests. It was also the site of the ancient kingdom of Lamuri, adding historical significance to its natural charm. Bener Meriah offers a glimpse into authentic Acehnese culture and warm hospitality amidst Sumatra's highlands.


Brewing Recipe - Espresso Machine


Coffee-in: 18 grams

Coffee-out: 36 grams

Brewing time: 22-30 seconds


Note: longer pre-infusion is recommended, if possible.

Manis Meriah - Espresso

15,80 €Price
10 Grams
Out of Stock
  • Blackcurrant, Raisin, Lychee

  • Espresso roast. Suitable for Bialetti and of course Espresso machine.

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