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Two words to describe this coffee: Complex and pleasant, Coffee from the island of Gods - Bali.


One year ago we released Senja Kintamani as our filter line-up, now we redevelop the roast profile and created a sweet, round body espresso for you. Roasted medium, it is suitable for coffee lover that looking for coffee with chocolaty character with low acidity.


Also, if you are looking for filter coffee with round body, chocolaty and low acidic this coffee is also suitable as filter.

Senja di Bali is produced by Karana Global from their Kintamani's farm and processed using Catur's senja protocol.

Coffee from Bali, to be specific Kintamani, has been famous for a long time for their unique taste. Grown typically at 1500 masl, the coffee has sweet, fruity characteristic but with low acidity.



Senja means sunset in Sanskrit.​

Just like the different color and stages of the sunset, this taste profile is signified by a combination of deeper and complex vibrancy with an accompanying fruit sweetness and rounded body.


The coffee is processed by Karana Global and Catur Coffee Company.

Senja di Bali - Espresso

13,80 €Price
1 Kilogram
  • Dark Chocolate, Coconut Flower Sugar, Hint of Cola

  • Espresso roast. Suitable for Bialetti, Vollautomat, and of course Espresso machine.

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