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Producer: Supriyanto, Firmansyah

Origin: Mount Suket, Ijen, East Java, Indonesia


Altitude: 1400 MASL

Variety: Orange Bourbon

Process: Innoculated Ext. Fermentation


Supriyanto is a coffee farmer located on Mount Suket within the Ijen mountain range. Before becoming known as the first farmer to successfully cultivate Java Laurina, he was originally recognized for his expertise in the Orange Bourbon variety. This coffee is processed using a modified natural anaerobic method as part of his collaboration with Firmansyah and The Dancing Tongue Club.


A Supernova is a powerful explosion of a star that can briefly outshine an entire galaxy. Named after a star’s explosion, this coffee blasts a combination of tasting profiles, resulting in one of Indonesia’s smoothest, silkiest, and cleanest coffees.


After sorting, the coffee cherries are sprayed with innoculants and sealed in a fermentation tank for a minimum of 250 hours. Then, they are dried in a drying house until it reaches an ideal moisture content, which typically takes 30-45 days.


*Packaging might slightly differs from the picture

Supriyanto - Ijen Supernova

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