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Origin: Mt. Puntang, West Java

Producer: Irwansyah, Sulthani Estate

Species: Arabica

Variety: Typica

Process: Natural Anaerobic Slow Drying

Altitude: 1300-1400 MASL

Taste Notes: Sweet aromatic, cherry, raspberry, bubble gum.


Located in Mount Puntang, Sultani Estate, managed by Irwan, stands out as one of Indonesia's top and most exclusive coffee farms. Irwan initiated a group and a cooperative for coffee farmers, aiming not just for economic growth but also to educate locals on sustainability and preserving Mount Puntang.


Known as 'Kang' Irwan, he and his team at Sultani Estate prioritize quality over quantity, evident in their choice to cultivate the Typica variety. Although Typica is more susceptible to pests and yields less compared to other varieties, its unique traits of high sweetness and cleanliness make it special.


Irwan uses his signature process, Natural Anaerobic Slow Drying, for this coffee. After a 24-hour fermentation, the beans undergo a slow drying period lasting 35-38 days. This process, combined with the full Typica variety, results in a highly complex coffee with a silky body, offering a delightful level of sweetness with little bursts of vibrance.

Typica N-ASD - Filter

15,80 €Price
10 Grams
Will be shipped in early January 2024.
  • Sweet aromatic, cherry, raspberry, blackberry, bubble gum

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