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Ahmad Muhlisin

Argopuro Walida, situated at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level, owes its thriving coffee cultivation to the pioneering efforts of Pak Ahmad Muhlisin. Having completed his studies at Bogor Agricultural University, he returned to his hometown in the foothills of Mount Argopuro, where only corn and vegetables were cultivated at the time. Following a devastating flood in 2013, Pak Muhlisin facilitated discussions between local farmers and the government, ultimately securing approval for coffee cultivation on the mountain land. This marked the inception of the cooperative Koperasi Walida Sejahtera, also known as Argopuro Walida.


Through unwavering dedication, Argopuro coffee gained recognition in the Indonesian specialty coffee scene and expanded its reach to the Middle East, Asia, the USA, and Europe. Implementing the principles of a circular economy, the cooperative ensured sustainable development within the community by involving entire farmer families in the coffee business. Fathers worked in the plantations, mothers in processing facilities, and children attended schools funded by the cooperative. Profits from coffee sales were shared with farmer families, supporting programs such as pilgrimage and scholarships.


To further support farmers, the cooperative provided financing for fertilizer, reimbursed later with harvested cherries. Continuous education and awareness initiatives were also undertaken to maintain consistent coffee quality across harvests. The impactful story of Pak Muhlisin's contributions to the Mt. Argopuro community left a lasting impression.


In honor of this journey, we proudly present his exceptional coffee, Argopuro Mystic, both in Espresso and Filter. And also, dedicating the artwork of our espresso roast to Pak Muhlisin.

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