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Tuang Coffee, Flores's Finest

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

About Flores

Located about 320 kilometres east of Bali, this small island was a relatively late participant in the coffee cultivation industry and took some time to establish a strong reputation among the Indonesian island. Despite this, the island’s unique geography and geological features have contributed to its success in producing high-quality coffee. The island boasts a mix of active and dormant volcanoes, which have greatly benefited the soil quality in the region.

About Tuang

Tuang is a processor located in Manggarai, Flores, founded by Andre in 2014. Alongside his fellow farmers in the region, he established Tuang in his hometown to address the issues of unequal trade and unfair compensation for coffee cherries. To combat these issues, Andre implemented a unique approach by purchasing the coffee upfront before the harvest season, allowing the farmers to invest in their techniques and facilities for the coffee plantation.

With the goal of producing higher quality green coffee beans, Andre and his team also provide support and education to the farmers in the region, including building processing facilities and sharing knowledge on how to properly process coffee cherries. Through these efforts, Tuang is not only able to provide better compensation for the farmers but also improve the overall quality of coffee in the region.

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